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Disease Models in Rodents and Zebra fish

Vivarium caters to disease model development in rat, mice, rabbits and zebra fish. Laboratory Animal Models Zebra fish Models Experimental Protocol set up, customize study design, monitoring, reporting, data and statistical analysis for Preclinical Studies Animal species: mice, rats, guinea pigs, hamsters, and rabbits and invertebrates like Zebra fish and you have the option to choose based on your end points Route of administration: oral, subcutaneous, intradermal, intravenous, intraperitoneal, mixed with food and water, topical, retro-orbital, compounds added in fish tank, intramuscular Measurements in biological fluids and organs: Plasma, urine, faeces, Blood and serum clinical chemistry, clinical observation, Dissection of organs and tissues, biochemical markers ( enzymes like GSH, SOD, catalase) , immunological markers, inflammatory markers( cytokine and interleukin) & IHC staining and gene markers histopathological observation Technique: Imaging, Microscopy, special staining, absorbance, fluorescence, luminescence, blotting, RTPCR, gel electrophoresis Lab Animal Research-Pharmacological efficacy animal Models and Toxicity: Animal models is conducted to mimic the biological process in disease condition and executed in rats, mice, rabbits, zebra fish and others are likely in their anatomy, physiology and reaction to various stimuli to human physiology and behavior. Cardiometabolic disorders : • Anticoagulant studies, MI/arrhythmias, Angina, Heart failure, Hypertension Diabetic and Metabolic Models: • Acute Dyslipidemia Model: corn oil / intralipid induced, streptozotocin/alloxan induced diabetes • Chronic Model: High-Fat diet-induced obesity mouse model, zebra fish models Obesity model: • Diet-induced obesity in rat, mice, zebra fish, Fructose-induced hypertriglyceridemia, Hypercholesterolemia model Respiratory diseases • Asthma, COPD, Anaphylaxis /allergy CNS Disorders: • Neurological disorders Memory/cognition, Anxiety, Depression, Epilepsy, ADHD, Brain & Spine Injury Models, Parkinson’s Disease, Cognition / Motivation, Schizophrenia & Mania, Alzheimer’s Disease-Scopolamine Treated Mice and zebra fish models, Catalepsy, Neuroinflammation, Analgesic models. Inflammation: • TNBS, oxazolone, DSS induced colitis Arthritis: • Collagen /Pristane /Adjuvant Induced Arthritis, osteoarthritis • Carrageenan-induced chronic inflammatory arthritis GI: • Ulcers, GI transit time, GI emptying Oncology: • Tumor models – cell line/chemical induced Ovarian, Breast, Lung, Prostate, Brain, Gastric, Pancreatic, Colon, Epidermoid carcinoma, Melanoma, Leukaemia, etc. Dermatology/Skin disorder: • Dermal /Wound Healing / Burn Models/ Inflammation Ophthalmology: • Diabetic retinopathy (DR) model-rodent and zebra fish , Choroidal neovascularization (CNV) model-Mouse, Rat, zebra fish , eye disease model- Glaucoma ocular model in Mouse, rat, rabbit and zebra fish Biotechnology Immunization in rats, mice, rabbits for production of polyclonal antibodies. ELISA, Western blot, RTPCR, absorbance and fluorescence based assays are executed, live cell imaging with inverted microscope and florescence microscope Cell proliferation and cytotoxicity Toxicity • Exploratory toxicity studies, pharmacokinetic study, Toxicokinetic profiling and PK/PD studies • Acute, subacute, chronic toxicity studies in rats, mice, rabbits and zebra fish as per OECD/ICH/Regulatory guidelines, Oral, Intravenous, intraperitoneal injection, Histopathological studies and interpretation by veterinary pathologist Bioavailability • Pharmacokinetics / Toxico-kinetics/ Metabolite Profiling/Excretion/Organ distribution

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