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Aaranya Biosciences Private Limited is based in Headquarter in Hyderabad and Research Facility at Biotech Park, Chennai. We focus on early discovery, which includes SAR support, medicinal chemistry, and optimization of drug-ability. Importantly, we ensure that the optimization of ADME properties of the drug candidates is integrated with all other essential properties to achieve an optimal balance between ADME, pharmacological and toxicological properties.

Our established objective is to connect people from varied industry segments; collaborate and facilitate to create value to clients through invention,discovery, and commercializing the product/molecule. Founded in 2013, Aaranya Biosciences leverages on its experienced manpower and state-of-art infrastructure to provide high quality R&D services across chemistry, biology, DMPK, toxicology and pharmacology.

We believe that continuous innovation means to investigate, create, evaluate, activate and celebrate research and discovery services.

Clients get a two-way benefit by collaborating with us. Our business models present transparenu pricing and an assurance on greater reachability in the market. We offer budget friendly research and discovery services through the latest operational structure and project specific alliances..

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