Animal Testing

In recent times a rise in the incidence of Infectious or Communicable Diseases has been observed in many parts of the world. The pathogens have become resilient, drugs with multi variant mechanisms are being designed to counter act these diseases.

Pharmacological evaluation of the compounds are carried out to know the activity of the compound like anti-inflammatory,neurological disorders, anti-diabetic, ocular diseases, Parkinson, alzheimier, antiobesity etc in rats, mice and rabbits. In-vivo studies in rodents and in-vitro testing by using specialized cell based systems. Insilico approaches are also done by doing molecular docking, predicting ADME properties and toxicity.

SNO Services Enquiry
1. Acute toxicity study in Rodents (specify OECD)
2. Toxicity study in Rabbits
3. Disease models in rats, mice and rabbits of inflammation, pain, cancer, obesity, infectious models, wound models, women's health, ocular, cardiovascular models, thrombosis, ferrichloride induced model
4. Antibody production in mice, rabbits
5. Research support for perfumery, food and herbal and natural products, synthetic compounds

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