Service Price List

ABS 1. NMR ( 500 MH Z)1H, 19F, 31P NMR (CDCL 3 ) Rs.1,500/-
13 C, 27 AI, 11B, 29SI, 15N, 35CL, NMR/DEPT (CDCL3) Rs.3,000/-
2D NMR (NOESY & ROESY) Rs.4,500/-
olvent charges for DMSO – d6 Rs.600/-
ABS 2. AAS (for linearity per element) Rs.2,000/-
AAS (per sample per element) Rs.700/-
AAS Sample preparation Rs.1,500/-
ABS 3. Column Chromatography Rs.18,000/-
ABS 4. Thin Layer Chromatography Rs.1,500/-
ABS 5. HPLC (Qualitative) Rs.3,000/-
ABS 6. HPLC (Quantitative) Rs.4,200/-
ABS 7. HPTLC (Finger Print) Rs.4,200 /-
ABS 8. HPTLC (Quantitative) Rs.7,000/-
ABS 9. FT – IR Rs.700/-
ABS 10. MS ( ESI – Direct Spray) Rs.2,000 /-
ABS 11. GC- Chromatographic purity Rs.1,200/-
ABS 12. LC-MS Rs.4,500/-
ABS 13. GC-MS Rs.4,500/-
ABS 14. GC/ HS Residual Analysis Rs.4,500/-
ABS 15. Flow Cytometry Rs.2,500 /-
ABS 16. Fluorescence Microscope Rs.1,500 /-
ABS 17. FESEM Rs.4,200/-
ABS 18. FESEM with EDAX Rs.5,000/-
ABS 19. EDAX Rs.3,000/-
ABS 20. FESEM with EDAX and Co-Relative Microscopy Rs.6,000/-
ABS 21. XRD Rs.2,000/-
ABS 22. Epifluorescence Microscopy Rs.1,500/-
ABS 23. Optical Microscopy Rs.800 /-
ABS 24. UV-% T & Abs. Rs.1,700/-
Visible DRS Rs.2,000/-
Spectros-Specular Rs.2,000/-
copy Reflectance
ABS 25. Qualitative screening for 8 parameters in phytochemistry Rs.1,500 /-
ABS 26. Total Phenol Rs.1,300/-
ABS 27. Glycoside content Rs.1,300 /-
ABS 28. Alkaloids content Rs.1,300/-
ABS 29. Flavanoids content Rs.1,300/-
ABS 30. Saponin content Rs.1,300/-
ABS 31. Terpenoids content Rs.1,300 /-
ABS 32. Steroid content Rs.1,300/-
ABS 33. Tannin content Rs.1,300/-
ABS 34. Total chlorophyll content Rs.1,500/-
ABS 35. Soxhlet extraction – 100 g Rs.2,000/-
ABS 36. Ash content Rs.600/-
ABS 37. Acid insoluble Ash content Rs.500/-
ABS 38. Water insoluble Ash content Rs.500/-
ABS 39. Moisture content Rs.300/-
ABS 40. Foaming index Rs.300/-
ABS 41. Swelling index Rs.300/-
ABS 42. BLAST Analysis Rs.500/-
ABS 43. Gen bank submission Rs.900/-
ABS 44. Swiss prot analysis Rs.2,500/-
ABS 45. ADME Properties Rs.1,500/-
ABS 46. Autodock docking Rs.3,000/-
ABS 47. Phylogenetic Analysis Rs./-
ABS 48. Protein extraction Rs.600/-
ABS 49. Dialysis Rs.1,200/-
ABS 50. SDS PAGE Rs.3,000/-
ABS 51. ELISA Rs.3,000/-
ABS 52. Western blot analysis Rs.5,500/-
ABS 53. 2D gel electrophoresis Rs.6,000/-
ABS 54. Agarose gel electrophoresis Rs.1,000/-
ABS 55. Silver Staining Rs.800/-
ABS 56. PCR Rs.1,300/-
ABS 57. RFLP Rs.2,500/-
ABS 58. RT-PCR Rs.12,000/-
ABS 59. DNA isolation Rs.700/-
ABS 60. Cloning – vector and primer given Rs.7,000/-
ABS 61. Biochemical characterization for Bacteria Rs.2,500/-
ABS 62. Algae – 18S Rrna gene Identification Rs.5,000/-
ABS 63. Bacteria – 16S Rrna gene Identification Rs.4,000/-
ABS 64. Antibiotic susceptibility test Rs.1,000/-
ABS 65. MIC – Macrobroth Dilution Rs.600/-
ABS 66. Antimicrobial Method –Disk method (Per plate) Rs.1,000/-
ABS 67. Antimicrobial Method–Well Diffusion (Per plate) Rs.1,000/-
ABS 68. Total Bacteria/ Fungal Count Rs.600/-
ABS 69. Secondary Metabolites Production Rs.12,000/-
ABS 70. Bacterial identification Rs.9,000/-
ABS 71. Anticancer mechanism – DNA fragmentation Rs.4,000/-
ABS 72. Anticancer mechanism –PI staining Rs.5,000/-
ABS 73. Anti- Inflammatory – IL-6 Rs./-
ABS 74. Anti Inflammatory– Nitric oxide scavenging Rs.2,00/-
ABS 75. Anti- Inflammatory- Protein Denaturation Inhibition Rs.1,500/-
ABS 76. Anti- Inflammatory- Proteinase Inhibition Study Rs.1,500/-
ABS 77. Anti- Inflammatory– Albumin Denaturation Rs.2,500/-
ABS 78. Anti- Inflammatory¬- Lipoxidase Inhibition Rs.3,000/-
ABS 79. Anti- Inflammatory- Xanthine oxidase Rs.3,000/-
ABS 80. Anti- Inflammatory- Trypsin Inhibition Rs.3,000/-
ABS 81. Anti- Inflammatory- COX inhibition Rs.4,000/-
ABS 82. Cell viability assay- Alamar blue Rs.3,000/-
ABS 83. Antioxidant Assay – DPPH Rs.1,500/-
ABS 84. Antioxidant Assay – ABTS Rs.1,200/-
ABS 85. Antioxidant Assay – Thiobarbituric acid Rs.1,500/-
ABS 86. Antioxidant Assay – Reduced glutathione Rs.2,000/-
ABS 87. Antioxidant Assay – Hydrogen peroxide Rs.1,200/-
ABS 88. Antioxidant Assay – Total Antioxidant Activity Rs.2,000/-
ABS 89. Antioxidant Assay – FRAP Rs.3,000/-
ABS 90. Antioxidant Assay - FTC Rs.2,500/-
ABS 91. Antioxidant Assay – Reducing Power Rs.3,000/-
ABS 92. Antioxidant Assay -SOD Rs.2,000/-
ABS 93. Antioxidant Assay - SOD (Cell line) Rs.3,500/-
ABS 94. Antioxidant Assay - Catalase Rs.2,500/-
ABS 95. Antioxidant Assay - Catalase(Cell line) Rs.3,500/-
ABS 96. Antioxidant Assay – Hydroxyl Radical Rs.1,200/-
ABS 97. Antioxidant Assay - Vit C Rs.5,000/-
ABS 98. Antioxidant Assay - Vit E Rs.5,000/-
ABS 99. Enzyme Activity – Glutathione Reductase Rs.2,500/-
ABS 100. Enzyme Activity – Glutathione peroxidase Rs.2,500/-
ABS 101. Vit B1, B2, B3, B6, B9 or Vit B5 & B12 Rs.6,500/-
ABS 102. Estimation of Liver Glycogen Rs.3,500/-
ABS 103. Estimation of Glucose-6-phosphate Rs.4,000/-
ABS 104. Estimation of Fructose-1,6-bisphosphate Rs.4,000/-
ABS 105. Cytoprotective – Lipid peroxide inhibition Rs.2,500/-
ABS 106. Cytotoxicity of normal cell lines-per sample Rs.4,500/-
ABS 107. Alizarin Red staining Rs.3,000/-
ABS 108. Nuclear staining–DAPI Rs.4,000/-
ABS 109. Gene Expression Rs.6,500/-
ABS 110. TNF a Immunoassay Rs.7000/-
ABS 111. Wound Healing – Scratch assay Rs.7,500/-
ABS 112. ROS Assay per cell line Rs.5,000/-
ABS 113. LDH Assay per cell line Rs.3,500/-
ABS 114. Hemolysis assay Rs.900/-
ABS 115. Histopathology Rs.950/tissue /-
ABS 116. Cell Viability assay- MTT Rs.3,500/-
ABS 117. Glucose release assay Rs.5,000/-
ABS 118. Cell Viability assay- Trypan blue Rs.2,500/-
ABS 119. Cell viability assay- Calcein AM Rs.6,000/-
ABS 120. Apoptosis assay- AO/ETBR Rs.3,500/-
ABS 121. Apoptosis assay- ANNEXIN V Rs.9,000/-
ABS 122. Apoptosis assay- Caspase 3 (1 marker) Rs.5,500/-
ABS 123. Apoptosis assay- Caspase 9 (1 marker) Rs.5,500/-
ABS 124. Anti Diabetic assay- Oil red staining Rs.6,000/-
ABS 125. Anti Diabetic assay- α amylase inhibition activity Rs.4,000/-
ABS 126. Anti Diabetic assay- β glucosidase inhibition activity Rs.3,500/-
ABS 127. Glucose uptake assay Rs.6,000/-
ABS 128. Immunoassay (ELISA/WB) Rs.4,000/-
ABS 129. Glucose Rs.80/-
ABS 130. Serum Lipid Profile – Triglyceride Rs.175/-
ABS 131. Serum Lipid Profile-Cholesterol Rs.175/-
ABS 132. Serum Lipid Profile - LDL Rs.175/-
ABS 133. Serum Lipid Profile -HDL Rs.175/-
ABS 134. Insulin (ELISA) Rs.2,000/-
ABS 135. Creatinine Rs.175/-
ABS 136. Urea Rs.175/-
ABS 137. SOD Rs.1,500/-
ABS 138. Catalase Rs.1,500/-
ABS 139. Leptin Rs.2,500/-
ABS 140. Adeponectin Rs.2,500/-
ABS 141. Non- essential FA Rs.300/-
ABS 142. C Reactive protein Rs.250/-
ABS 143. Ca, Na, K Rs.200/-
ABS 144. SGPT, SGOT,ALP Rs.420/-
ABS 145. Total protein, Albumin, Globulin Rs.450/-
ABS 146. Gamma GT Rs.200/-
ABS 147. Bilirubin Rs.120/-
ABS 148. HbA1c Rs.300/-

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