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We can help you with hands-on creation of liquid types or dry types of drug formulations, provide you with access to centers of expertise that provide unique new technologies, assist you with patent and literature reviews with recommendations for development, offer expertise in state-of-the art formulations, and help your team with drug formulations technology presentations.

Aaranya Biosciences is an independent drug discovery company which deals with clients from around the world. We offer pharmaceutical services to research organizations both small and large scale from Industry and Academia. We specialize in providing drug development and regulations advise to drug manufacturers. From Hit to Candidate selection we can help you in any stage of the developmental work flow with our tailor fit scientific services to overcome underlying challenges of drug discovery.Our teams of experts provide multidisciplinary services in drug development, regulatory affairs, preclinical to post product development.

Our company is driven by its mission to support research in Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Animal health and Medical device industry. Alongside we work in parallel lines with our clients by providing time bound, affordable, quality services in preclinical research and development.We have a team which consists of the foremost scientific professionals of the industry, you can be rest assured to receive consistent output.

Drug discovery consultancy is based on our core values: Project Management & Implementation: We custom fit our services based on the requirement of the project. The services rendered will include a schematic work plan, assistance with trouble shooting and problem solving. Our major objective is to ensure success to our clients, we believe in effective communication of progress &successful management as key to implementation.All our projects come with a confidentiality clause and Aaranya Biosciences assigns all intellectual property to the client.

Due Diligence: We have extensive research experience in drug discovery and its associative testing both In-vitro & In-vivo. We have unique experience in performing intellectual and scientific due diligence which help in the assessment and management decisions.

Services: We provide both conventional and virtual services for drug discovery. This includes various assay models (In-vivo & In-Vitro), drug optimization, screening and high throughput analysis. Our drug discovery and Medicinal chemistry laboratories have been established in accordance with international standards.

Therapeutic Expertise: Immunology; Oncology; Neurology; Dermatology; Hematology; Metabolic Diseases (Diabetes); Women’s Health; Kidney Disease; Cardiovascular Diseases

Industry Segments

1. Medical devices: Aaranya Biosciences provides for cost effective & minimal infrastructure solutions for testing variety of parameters. Medical devices clinical trials are one of the key focuses of our business. We conduct a battery of tests to check the biocompatibility of a drug compound. The studies include genetic screens to test genetic toxicity; hypersensitive reactions to assess Irritation/sensitisation; cytotoxicity, and others factors such as Hemocompatability, Implantation & Safety Regulations during In-vivo studies.

Experience is pivotal when it comes to clinical research. Pilot or main study we have the resources to deliver results. Trials involving the test of new medical devices require a lot of resources which many companies do not posses. As a full time Contract Research Organization (CRO) Aaranya Biosciences provides you support in all phases of clinical trials.We work with your team and decide on the services which would suit your business model. On successful assessment we decide on pertinent factors to support your product with clinical data for regulatory approval, pre/post market approval and post market outcomes.With growing demand of the market segment for budget solution to both clients from small and large companies in the biopharmaceutical industry, Aaranya Biosciences strives to provide unique customized biologic services you need.

2. Agrochemical: Aaranya Biosciences is an independent drug discovery company which offers CRO services to test chemical compounds for agricultural purposes.We provide suitable means to effectively test new chemicals for sustainability of the crops, plant material and water.Our research team has conducted extensive studies for new product registration. As an organization weare extremely confident about ourprogram management and consulting capabilities on proceedings related to register new products.We have a range of synthetic and analytical services for qualitative analysis with GLP studies for chemical licensing.

Aaranya Biosciences tenders an array of test options to successfully address concerns in relation to the application of the pesticide.The tests presenta comprehensive insight into the chemical characteristics of the drug molecule (Test) and reference materials. Design, Develop, Characterize and Validate your target molecule, no matter what the drug molecule we have a resourceful and experienced staff dedicated to help you achieve your vision. Our overall objective is to provide our clients high quality services which are both efficient and cost effective.Alongside the state of the art laboratories equipped with advanced instrumentation enables us to provide a multitude of services.

3. Pharmaceutical: Drug discovery is an investigational science and requires decisive planning at every step. Transition from preclinical to early clinical trials marks a milestone the destiny of the compound. Our multidisciplinary team of specialists provide scope for innovation and offerservices in biologics, small drug molecules simulations, product optimization, planning, management, regulatory authorization and product registration. Aaranya Biosciences has developed its own segment in pharmaceutical drug discovery for both small and large scale industries.  Our laboratories are well equipped with latest instrumentation which helps us monitor the impact of the drug molecule.

The major problem many pharmaceutical companies face today is the increase in associative costs due to unforeseen setbacks.  With our robust and reliable planning modules we proactively assess risks and design workflows with checkpoints. Any perceived risk during assessment is taken care by allotting the best minds in the company to counter act logistic problems. We also encourage interaction between the scientists of both companies to resolve issues. This enables us to effectively reduce costs and maintain record of resources on the ongoing projects. We at Aaranya Biosciences are dedicated in providing our clients tailored budget solution delivered on time along with integrated services to accelerate drug discovery along the way.

4. Biopharmaceutical/Biotech: Aaranya Biosciences is an independent drug discovery company and a provider of outsourced CRO services to the Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. We have extensive experience in program assessment, development, planning, registration and marketing.  In a highly multidisciplinary industry, we are an organization with the capability and experience to conduct multitude of studies from hit to lead optimization.

Our services are extremely flexible with integrative platforms enabling us to forecast risks for proactive trouble shooting which dramatically cut down costs. Aaranya Biosciences maintains transparency in the drug development program, we believe for successful outcome it is necessary to effectively communicate with the client on reaching milestones. The program study designs are robust yet flexible with checkpoints to monitor deviations. Any unseen development can be curbed by our knowledge base and feedback from client.

We are extremely proud of our scientist and technical staff who have years of field experience in drug discovery and have taken part in successful drug development programs. As an independent drug investigator we cover a range of studies ranging from In-silico to In-vivo studies. Our state of the art laboratories help you achieve your objectives to perform studies which meet all regulatory and quality requirements. Through our services we are committed to help biopharmaceutical companies reduce time to develop milestones from hit to post marketing.

5. Cosmetics: Aaranya Biosciences is specialized in designing innovative protocols and conduct high quality dermatological clinical tests for cosmetics, toiletries etc., .All our trials are well coordinated and effective .We assure product safety and superior service delivery. Aaranya Biosciences possesses substantial industrial knowledge and valuable dermatological expertise in professional and tailor designed projects.

At Aaranya Biosciences suitable clinical trial protocols are developed for dermatological assessment of wide range of skin problems ranging from dry skin, minor bruises and acne to chronic skin problems. Keeping varying level of sensitivity of different skin types in mind, Aaranya Biosciences has devised several tolerance tests which reveal potential information about the reactivity and safety of the given product. Therefore, we enable you to optimize the product acceptance in the market by giving utmost importance to individual safety.

We design clinical trials for wide range of products, ranging from tropical applications, wound care to trans-dermal delivery systems .Our technological equipment detects the subtle biophysical changes produced in the skin after the application of the product and helps in generating robust and accurate data for ensuring your product safety .Our services are flexible and partnership oriented which enable us to deliver satisfying results.

6. Nutrition: As a CRO in the field of nutrition, Aaranya Biosciences offers special expertise to enhance efficacy and ensure safety of all the novel food supplements and pharmaceutical products. At Aaranya Biosciences we offer all the technical assistance and guidance required by your industry to develop novel foods and pharmaceutical products which substantiates the effectiveness and safety of the newly introduced food ingredients and pharmacological products. With a vision and commitment to provide efficacious technical services to our partners and clients Aaranya Biosciences offers world class expertise and technical cooperation which will enable you to substantiate health claims and optimize your profits.

At Aaranya Biosciences all the clinical trials conducted by our experienced study team and esteemed group of experts are cost effective and customer friendly. Our potent clinical study program and protocols include pilot studies ,single site and multisite centre studies, which reveal the health indications of a the food ingredients and  their effect on health conditions like lipid and glucose metabolism ,gastro intestinal health ,diabetes and obesity and overall wellbeing of an individual . The trial results are owned by our partners as we give utmost importance to confidentiality. Aaranya Biosciences, with a great commitment towards health care leaves no stone unturned in providing highly productive services to ensure high quality technical assistance and corporation to our partners.

7. Animal Health: At Aaranya Biosciences we believe that minor changes in animal health can actually cause substantial impact on public health .Therefore, we strive for the holistic development of animal health by collecting, standardizing and visualizing all the clinical data pertaining to animal health .At Aaranya Biosciences we ensure prudent and effective management of all the clinical trials relating to animal health which includes testing services pertaining to pharmaceutical, nutrition, nutraceutical aspects of animal health. Throughout the life of the trial we ensure transparency thereby enabling you to turn your data into real knowledge making Aaranya Biosciences an effective tool for proactive management of all the clinical trials relating to animal health.

Our outstanding customer support, dramatically short study timelines, efficacious protocols, complete and accurate data provided, make us unique and paragon in running cost effective clinical trials and in fostering the earlier market introduction of your product. Our competitive advantage lies in the highly qualified group of experts who work on the clinical trials and in the comprehensive approach to clinical trial support adopted by them. Such an all-inclusive approach improves protocol compliance, enhances site performance and assures complete and accurate data. At Aaranya Biosciences we not only provide all the services necessary to enhance the wellbeing of your animals but also guarantee safety and sustainability of all the products that we deliver.

8. Generics/Formulation: Aaranya Biosciences incorporates an all-encompassing and integrated methodology which is a conglomeration of all latest technologies to address the problems pertaining to drug design and product formulation. Aaranya Biosciences provides all the analytical and production support needed for the bio analysis of samples containing micro and macromolecules from blood, tissues, plasma and urine .We are known for our innovative method development and comprehensive pharmaceutical analysis. Our regulatory compliance is exemplary and we ensure effective commercialization of your product.

At Aaranya Biosciences we thoroughly understand the client needs and design separate and well established product development strategies ranging from pre-clinical toxicology, scale -up, clinical trial, product approval to commercialization of the product and post market analysis. We offer successful delivery systems which assure the delivery of the right amount of drug, to the right place at the right time. Aaranya Biosciences is especially known for its fast sample analysis turn around and high quality yet, cost effective results. We believe in establishing strong client partnerships through our exemplary track records.

9. Biologics/Biosimilars: Aaranya Biosciences provides technical assistance and scientific expertise required for all the important steps involved in design, development and commercialization of biosimilars. Biosimilars are the analogues of   protein therapeutics .The main aim of biosimilars is to substitute and simulate the effect produced by existing brands of therapeutic molecules .Application and commercialization of a bio simulator is difficult process as it entails some element of risk pertaining to the immunogenicity reactions it can elicit in an individual.

At Aaranya Biosciences we offer the most comprehensive services which involve development, characterization, testing, validation and commercialization of your biosimulator product. We have substantial industrial experience and excellent team of experts for designing clinical trials and developing regulatory filings which are critical for the product acceptance and success in the market.

The cost effect services provided by us run the gamut from preclinical trials to product approval and post product studies. Aaranya Biosciences supports the complete cycle involved in the design, development, regulatory steps and commercialization of Biosimilars /biologics.

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