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We provide bio-analysis supporting all phases of drug development and non-GLP rapid discovery phase bio-analysis for discovery support. Our capabilities include proprietary method development, validation, transfer, and high throughput sample analysis.

 Biologics/Biosimilars: Aaranya Biosciences provides technical assistance and scientific expertise required for all the important steps involved in design, development and commercialization of biosimilars. Biosimilars are the analogues of   protein therapeutics .The main aim of biosimilars is to substitute and simulate the effect produced by existing brands of therapeutic molecules .Application and commercialization of a biosimilar is difficult process as it entails some element of risk pertaining to the immunogenicity reactions it can elicit in an individual.

At Aaranya Biosciences, we offer the most comprehensive services which involve development, characterization, testing, validation and commercialization of your biosimulator product. We have substantial industrial experience and excellent team of experts for designing clinical trials and developing regulatory filings which are critical for the product acceptance and success in the market.

The cost effect services provided by us run the gamut from preclinical trials to product approval and post product studies. Aaranya Biosciences supports the complete cycle involved in the design, development, regulatory steps and commercialization of Biosimilars /biologics.

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