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Integrated Discovery Services
Integrated Discovery Services
We run successful and fully integrated programs for clients at our state-of-art laboratory. Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, cosmetics animal health.

As medical technology continues to advance and product development becomes more complex, outsourcing to a CRO can offer a number of strategic benefits. Outsourcing avoids the need to hire additional in-house staff or purchase costly data management software; you may directly leverage your requirement for successful drug discovery program. As a client you can realize significant cost-savings and be assured that your drug molecule has a faster and more efficient path to make it to the market. As an independent drug discovery company Aaranya Biosciences provides integrated services to the various segments of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. We are proud to be associated with highly trained and qualified scientists who specialize in drug discovery proceedings from Target to Hit; Hit to Lead optimization & Lead to Candidate selection.

A target molecule which you believe holds promise can be subject through our screening and assay process. Our assay process allows us to verify the functional activity of the drug molecule ensuring promising molecules to enter the optimization process. We attribute our strength to application of techniques as an effective and efficient screening tool. In house medicinal chemistry laboratory provides a hit to progress into a promising lead by In-silico analysis, structural biology support, target database and assay selection process. We are focused on delivering you with and array of choices for development candidates. By coupling different disciplines such as medicinal chemistry with pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics we ensure your target molecule is on the right path.

From screening biology to medicinal chemistry we have the capability to deliver your drug candidate. At Aaranya Biosciences, we provide high quality services equally to both small to large scale companies. Our state of the art laboratories provide means to integrate individual technology segments such as Pharmacokinetics (DMPK), Drug metabolism, Disease models, and physiochemical assays for successful drug discovery. Our research objectives are defined by client requirement enabling us to tailor services. Ideally we accept research projects from multitude of therapeutic areas and full spectrum of small drug molecules.  Moreover we believe that success or failure of a drug molecule is dependent on through understanding of crucial factors in the discovery process.

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