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We support in herbal extraction, phytochemical analysis, fermentation techniques for isolation of compounds, metabolites and production of enzymes, cell line based specialized cellular assays, fluorescent imaging, staining with DAPI, acridine orange, Propidium iodide etc. Read out using multimode reading for fluorescence, absorbance, luminescence, DNA/RNA quantitation, blotting, imaging techniques. Gene and protein expression studies are conducted. Assays like wound healing, cytotoxicity, apoptosis, anticancer, organ toxicity are carried out with cell culture facility
We provides services and training in Biotechnology, Food technology, Nanotechnology, Environmental and Agricultural science, Enzymology, Forensics, Cell biology, Bioinformatics, Industrial Microbiology, Herbal technology and formulations, cosmetics, Pharmaceutical analysis, Probiotics. Hands on training and workshop and the project are provided to students and faculties and professionals to give them practical experience Hands on practical classess, softwares and their applications in the scientific community and severalindustries. We are also involved in Biotechnology contract research services(synthesis,natural product chemistry, in-vitro and in-vivo studies in small laboratory animals , PhD Assistance, Corporate trainings and genetic testing services for sponsors. Aaranya Biosciences private limited laboratory are fully equipped with modern instrumentation facilities and CPCSEA approved animal house, cell culture facility, microbiology, molecular biology and biochemistry lab, synthesis from mg to kg level with 100l and 200L reactors for extraction, isolation and distillation and manufacturing of products of herbal or synthetic molecules .

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