Pre-Implantation Genetic Screening For Ivf Couples
What is Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS)?

Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) looks up for themissing or extra chromosome that might cause abnormalities within an embryo. Couples taking the In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF) cycle are recommended to prescribe to PGS. We use highly efficient next-generation sequencing technology to look up the genetic abnormalities.

Who can take the test?
  • Couples with a history of recurrent pregnancy loss/infertility & maternal age 30-35years (eggs from older women have significantly higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities). In either case, it is highly recommended to take the test.
  • It has been reported that unprompted miscarriages are due to chromosomal abnormalities
  • Couples who have several failed IVF attempts
  • Men with low sperm count and previous pregnancy with chromosomal abnormality
Why is it important?
  • Recurrent pregnancy loss can be a matter of concern for couples planning for pregnancy.
  • The chromosomal abnormality is the major reason for miscarriage and birth defects.
  • The most common syndromes caused by chromosomal abnormalities are Down Syndrome, Edward Syndrome & Patau Syndrome
  • The chances of abnormalities increase with the age of the mother
Benefits of PGS:
  • Reduces the chance of miscarriage
  • Accurate in evaluation of chromosomal abnormalities
  • Improves the IVF success rate
  • Reduces the chance of multiple births
  • Mitigates the reproductive challenges caused due to maternal age
  • Higher implantation rate observed with PGS
  • Reduces the chances of miscarriage
  • Increases the chances of delivering a healthy baby
Why Us?
  • We provide comprehensive analysis of all 24 chromosomal disorders
  • Highly trained & qualified technicians
  • We use robust & proven Next generation sequencing (NGS) protocol
  • Quality control for every batch
  • Guaranteed results & lower chances of false positives
Things to Remember
  • Genetic testing helps in making a predictive health forecast.
  • Many people suffer from depression, anxiety or guilt after the test. We recommend genetic counseling to prevent such emotional implications
  • The results only describe the risk for a particular disease
  • It doesnot say that you have the disease
  • Regardless of the mutation only a few people develop the disease
  • Out of 100 people who take genetic screen, there is a significant chance that only 25 might develop cancer
More information

At Aaranya Biosciences we offer PGS using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) & Fluorescent In-situ hybridization (FISH). Come see us &discuss the benefits and risks of PGS, we will be glad to answer all your concerns. This consultation can be arranged by your IVF clinic, all results will be kept confidential and only be shared with your consulting doctor.

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