Newborn Genetic Screening
What is Newborn genetic Screening?
  • Newborn screening is involves testing babies of all genetic disorders within the first week of their birth.
  • This prevents future health complications if the baby is born with any birth associated disorders. Early detection may prevent intellectual and physical disability.
  • Currently many state governments in the country have successfully implemented the practice of newborn scree
How is it done?
  • After the child is born blood is drawn from the heel and sent for analysis.
  • Only a few drops of blood is taken and no risks are associated with this procedure.
  • The blood is usually analyzed for any abnormalities or disorders.
What is the blood screened for?
  • Usually, the blood is screened for over 171 chromosomal, developmental, and physiological disorders and conditions.
  • It also includes amino acid disorders like Phenylketonuria, ADA, Hemoglobin conditions etc.
Why is it important?
  • Most inborn disorders can create serious health implications for the baby if left undiagnosed.
  • Identification of such disorder will prevent disease progression and preventive measures can save lives.
What if the test comes positive?

If the results for the screening turn positive it means that the baby might have an inherent disorder. A positive test result might imply the presence of a disorder or condition. However, a confirmatory test is necessary for disease prognosis.

Advantages of Newborn Genetic Screening
  • Fast & efficient
  • Requires only a few drops of blood
  • Screens for over 171 physiological, chromosomal & genetic disorders
  • More accurate than biochemical blood test
  • Early detection can prevent fatalities
  • Reduces the chances of false positives
Why Us?
  • Highly trained & qualified technicians
  • We use robust & proven Next generation sequencing (NGS) protocol
  • Quality control for every batch
  • Guaranteed results & lower chances of false positives
Things to Remember
  • Genetic testing helps in making a predictive health forecast
  • Many people suffer from depression, anxiety or guilt after the test. We recommend genetic counseling to prevent such emotional implications
  • The results only describe the risk for cancer
  • It doesnot say that you have cancer
  • Regardless of the mutation, only a few people develop cancer.
  • Out of 100 people who take cancer screen, there is a significant chance that only 25 might develop cancer
More information

Newborn genetic screening will help parents get rid of all doubts and queries. Be absolutely sure that your baby will have a healthy life. At Aaranya Biosciences we are focused on providing affordable and high-quality healthcare screening. Our genetic test will help you take early precautions to disease which would have gone unnoticed normally.

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