Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is characterized by multiple health problems. It is often associated with intellectual disability, cognitive delay, and multiple birth defects.This occurs due to the presence of an extra copy of Chromosome 21 in the cell. Its also known as trisomy 21

Medical Conditions
  • Gastric problems with the backflow of food from the stomach to the esophagus (throat)
  • Intolerance to gluten or wheat protein, also known as Celiac disease
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heart problems
  • Prone to bacterial & viral infections
  • Hearing & Vision problems
  • A rear minority develop leukemia
Genetic Change
  • Three copies of chromosome 21 are formed in each cell instead of two copies
  • This can be technically termed as trisomy 21
  • Chromosome 21 attaches to another part of the chromosome, this results in three copies of genetic material from Chromosome 21
  • Researchers believe that the extra genetic material from Chromosome 21 disrupts normal growth

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