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Process Research / Chemistry
Process Research / Chemistry

In process research and development (PR&D), the identification, production and manipulation of small-molecule drugs ranges from laboratory chemistry to pilot plant manufacture to commercial production.

Variety of disciplines, including process chemistry (organic synthesis), analytical chemistry, process engineering (mass and heat transfer, unit operations), process safety (chemical risk assessment), regulatory compliance, and plant operation, must be effectively applied.

 Medicinal chemistry together with PR&D, compound production can be increased from a few hundred grams to several kilograms.

Molecular complexity has become extremely challenging in several instances, and demand  is growing enormously for process understanding and knowledge generation about low-level byproduct, which often must be controlled even at trace concentrations to meet regulatory specifications (especially in the case of potentially genotoxic impurities).

Stringent methods and measures are executed at Aaranya Biosciences to achieve accuracy and effectiveness of the compound.

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