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Analytical chemistry / Stability Testing
Analytical chemistry / Stability Testing

A suitable validated analytical method is required to support many product chemistry and ecotoxicology tests.
New analytical methods or to transfer existing methodology using a wide range of up-to-date equipment are available at Aaranya Biosciences to do analysis of a compound.
The following are some of the analytical tests:

  • HPLC (UV/visible, diode array, fluorescence, refractive index, light scattering, electrochemical)
  • LC-MS, GC-MSD, LC-MS/MS, time of flight (QToF, IT-ToF)
  • Capillary electrophoresis (diode array, UV/visible)
  • Dionex ion chromatography (conductivity detection)
  • IEP-OES (Optima 8000)

Stability Testing:

A formulated compound can be tested for its storage stability and shelf life.
Solid, liquid, semi-solid and aerosol formulations can all be evaluated using real-time and accelerated storage stability testing using monitored heat, humidity and light parameters.

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