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Synthesis and Identification of metabolites
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Synthesis and Identification of metabolites (Reactive metabolites &conjugation metabolites): GSH conjugation or reactive metabolites cause idiosyncratic toxicity. The tests are done at early stages of discovery using hepatocytes/microsomes to predict the reactive metabolites.

Conjugation is like sulfation, glucuronidation etc they are phase 2 metabolic pathways which facilitate polarity of the compound to get it excreted from the body. In-vitro/In-vivo assays help in identifying conjugate metabolites from the samples.

Metabolic Profiling is carried out to separate the metabolites from test samples and compare it with the standard. Mass spectroscopy (LC-MS/MS) and HPLC analysis aid in the separation of the metabolites. Aaranya Biosciences provides metabolite profiling services and approaches that custom fits client’s requirements.

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