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Toxicity and Safety Pharmacology
Toxicity and Safety Pharmacology The in vivo facility at Aaranya Biosciences offers a full range of non-GLP safety pharmacology and toxicology evaluations. We deal in diseases relating to cardiovascular, CNS, pulmonary, renal, gastrointestinal, and autonomic nervous system safety pharmacology assessments.

The toxicologists and study monitors at Aaranya Biosciences have experience in a variety of compounds and therapeutic areas.

We place and monitor studies; obtain competitive bids with comparisons based on critical milestones to design and review study protocols, considering dose selection, animal models, regimen, overall design and regulatory compliance.

Aaranya Biosciences has experience with acute, sub-chronic, and chronic toxicology, all classes of compounds, including pharmaceuticals, recombinant proteins and other biotech products.

  • General Toxicology   General Toxicology

    Many of the toxicities are functional in nature and/or in origin. Whereas pharmacological responses tend to be fairly rapid in onset, and are therefore detectable after a single

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    Toxico-kinetics (TK): In brief, TK provides an estimate assessment of the rate with which a drug which enters along with the relative effect on the body. This niche

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  • Target Organ toxicity / Immunotoxicity   Target Organ toxicity / Immunotoxicity

    Immunotoxicity- The primary gray area of immunotoxicity testing strategies is in deciding if additional immunotoxicity testing is needed (assays beyond that normally done for standard toxicity studies [STS]).

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  • Ocular Toxicity / Dermal Toxicity   Ocular Toxicity / Dermal Toxicity

    Ocular Toxicity- "Draize Test" to test the irritation and pain in the eyes and is a reliable predictor of human response.

    Dermal Toxicity- Dermal sensitization for immune

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  • Genetic Toxicity   Genetic Toxicity

    DNA can be damaged through normal biologic process or due the result of interaction of DNA directly /indirectly with chemical, physical or biological agents.

    The aim of Aaranya Biosciences

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  • Inhalation toxicity / Eco-toxicology   Inhalation toxicity / Eco-toxicology

    The mode of transmission might be due to contact (physical contact, airborne inhalation) with an infected individual or secretion (sputum or other bodily fluids). Transmission can also occur

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  • Biocompatability Studies   Biocompatability Studies

    The biocompatibility testing procedures in Aaranya Biosciences are designed to detect the nonspecific, biologically reactive, physical or chemical characteristics of medical products or the materials used in their

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  • Safety battery Tests   Safety battery Tests

    Experts at Aaranya Biosciences use a comprehensive safety pharmacology testing services.

    We’re ready to listen to you and then design just the right studies to help with the registration

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