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Program Management
We have time tested business models for each pharma and bio industry clients' specific needs in the pharma and life sciences industries. Our flexible and strategic models combine our location advantage and proven competencies. With us, you can expect complete CRO/CMO services.

Drug development is a complex process and it involves many disciplines involving stringent regulations. At Aaranya Biosciences, we have various check points to monitor the discovery process from one phase to another. Communication is essential to have transparency in the process and to prevent major setbacks early in the program. We work in parallel lines to help you in making a smooth transition to build an efficient drug discovery program. This strategy dramatically reduces timelines, increases the output quality and also reduces the associated cost of the program.

Our Project managers are bridges linking the program with the client. They actively participate in all aspects of the program. This allows them to assess the ongoing project and prepare the clients for the challenges as they move on to the next milestone. Aaranya Biosciences is proud of its immensely experienced professionals with exceptional track record. Over a period they have gained expertise by involvement in various studies and projects. They are self-driven and strive to deliver results. Aaranya Biosciences entrusts Project managers for the entire timeline of the project. From then onwards they have a professional obligation towards the program and are solely responsible in managing resources and reaching milestones, thus ensuring consistent results.

Assessment of a project is based on the complexity, availability of assets and our commitment to deliver the result within the specified timeframe. During the assessment stage any perceived risks are identified so that we may use the best minds in the company to come up with useful ideas to counter act anysetbacks. To understand your requirement better and custom fit our services we often suggest a feed back after the review process. On completion of the review process we make a robust program design which facilitates provision to check delivery performance at individual checkpoints. We prescribe for strong and reliable services to ensure client compliance.

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