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Pharmacokinetics and metabolism/excretion study in rats, mice, rabbits and Bioanalysis in plasma, serum, blood, tissues, organs. Biomarker
In-vivo pharmacokinetics and bioanalysis
We provide in-vivo pharmacokinetic study in rats, mice, rabbits and zebra fish, bio-analysis supporting all phases of drug discovery and development.Non-GLP rapid discovery phase pharmacokinetics and bio-analysis for discovery support. Our capabilities include proprietary method development, validation, transfer, and high throughput sample analysis using LCMS, HPLC, fluorescence, absorbance techniques. Also take up organ tissue distribution study and in-vitro ADME studies. analysis like ELISA, chromatography, blotting. absorbance and fluorescence measurements using multimode reader
Pharmacokinetic study in rats mice rabbits and also have zebra fish system . We adopt various routes of administration (oral, intravenous, intramuscular, nasal, ocular) and collect biological fluids include blood, urine and faeces using metabolic cages. Dissect to collect organs for histopathological and organ drug exposure. Develop method for analysis of compounds in biological matrices. PK analysis using WinNonlin.

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