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  • Medical devices   Medical devices

    Medical devices: Aaranya Biosciences provides for cost effective & minimal infrastructure solutions for testing variety of parameters. Medical devices clinical trials are one of the key focuses of

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  • Agrochemical   Agrochemical

    Aaranya Biosciences is an independent drug discovery company which offers CRO services to test chemical compounds for agricultural purposes. We provide suitable means to effectively test new chemicals

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  • Pharmaceutical   Pharmaceutical

    Drug discovery is an investigational science and requires decisive planning at every step. Transition from preclinical to early clinical trials marks a milestone the destiny of the compound.

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  • Biopharmaceutical/Biotech   Biopharmaceutical/Biotech

    ABS is an independent drug discovery company and a provider of outsourced CRO services to the Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. We have extensive experience in program assessment, development,

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  • Cosmetics   Cosmetics

    ABS is specialized in designing innovative protocols and conduct high quality dermatological clinical tests for cosmetics, toiletries etc., .All our trials are well coordinated and effective .We assure

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  • Nutrition   Nutrition

    As a CRO in the field of nutrition, ABS offers special expertise to enhance efficacy and ensure safety of all the novel food supplements and pharmaceutical products. At

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  • Animal Health   Animal Health

    At ABS we believe that minor changes in animal health can actually cause substantial impact on public health .Therefore, we strive for the holistic development of animal health

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  • Generics/Formulation   Generics/Formulation

    ABS incorporates an all-encompassing and integrated methodology which is a conglomeration of all latest technologies to address the problems pertaining to drug design and product formulation. ABS provides

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  • Biologics/Biosimilars   Biologics/Biosimilars

    ABS provides technical assistance and scientific expertise required for all the important steps involved in design, development and commercialization of biosimilars. Biosimilars are the analogues of   protein therapeutics

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  • Computational Chemistry
  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Molecular Pharmacology
  • DMPK
  • Preformulation
  • Toxicity and Safety Pharmacology
  • Bio-analysis
  • Consulting
  • Disease Models
  • Program Management
  • Integrated Discovery Services
  • Platform Technologies
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