We offer a full range of invivo and invitro pharmacokinetic studies for compounds and identification of metabolites in rodents (rats, mice, minipigs, dogs, sheep, rabbits, hamster, guinea pigs) and large animals (Beagle dogs and cats).

Drug Metabolism & Pharmacokinetics (DMPK):With growing awareness on determinants of In-vivo drug action, it is now common practice of drug developers to include pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism as part of their screening process.

Physicochemical Profiling

Physiochemical Profiling is a crucial part of drug discovery mostly contributing to the drug characterization and optimization. Early assessment provides critical information on problems with absorption, disposition and

In-vitro ADME

The process by which the body handles absorption, distribution, metabolism, and elimination (ADME) is referred to as pharmacokinetics. The data collected during the trials can be combined with

Metabolite Profiling

The course of drug studies involves drug absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination of compounds broken down into bi-products (metabolites). Metabolite profiling is used to assess bi-products and determine