About Us

Aaranya Biosciences Private Limited

Aaranya Biosciences Private Limited headquartered in Hyderabad, India is an independent drug discovery company. Our specialized services range from preclinical research and development. We serve Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmetics, Agrochemical, Animal health and Medical device industries.

Our working groups are led by recognized leaders in their field; workflow at Aaranya Biosciences is harmonious, we deliver our clientele with high value deliverables at every stage. At Aaranya Biosciences we are proactive in our approach; schematics of early discovery include SAR support, medicinal chemistry, and optimization of drug ability.

In order to achieve optimal drug candidate we integrate technologies that focus on pharmacological & toxicological properties.

Vision & Mission

Our vision is to provide our research partner with fast, high quality, cheap, effective and efficient scientific solutions in every segment. With our employee we want to provide best facility and good work environment. Clients are key to successful business; we would like to establish good will and strategic business collaboration.

Our mission is to support research in every segment and to provide both industry and academia with our services which are efficient, time bound, affordable and customizable. We wish to remove barrier of cost with quality which directly affects the efficiency on your research. Through our customizable research services we aim to minimize the gap and render affordable research services equally to small and large industries.

To our client we offer our CRO experience, therapeutic expertise & commitment to deliver solutions. Our services are reinforced by our research driven experienced team of trained scientists. We leverage on our experienced team to provide R & D services in Chemistry, Biology, DMPK, Toxicology and Pharmacology.

Communicate, Correlate & Innovate, at Aaranya Bioscience we provide scientific solutions…
Tell us your requirement & we shall custom design our services to suit your budget. We provide deliverables & scientific solutions to every segment.

CEO Message

Aaranya Biosciences has put in place quality standards and procedures as per global requirement. We bring to each client’s project our CRO experience, therapeutic expertise and commitment to quality delivery of research. We believe that continuous innovation means to investigate, create, evaluate, activate and celebrate research and discovery services.